Posted by: JungleGeorge | March 22, 2008

Installing Flatpress on 110MB

The 110MB web host site provides free web hosting with many features as HTML, SHTML, PHP, and MySQL. The MySQL database access is limited for free accounts. I wanted to try my hand at installing a PHP application on my website. I choose the free flat file blogging software Flatpress. It uses flat files instead of MYSQL. The instructions for installing flatpress are based on installing it on a 110MB website but the instructions maybe used for installations on other PHP hosted sites.

1) Download FlatPress 0.705 Crescendo from SourceForge now!

FlatPress 0.705 Crescendo Download

2) Upload to my website using 110MB File Manager

110MB File Manager Upload

3) I get an Error: type of file “flatpress-crescendo-0.703.6.2.tar.bz2” not allowed.

4) I found a list of allowed file extensions for free accounts here.

5) Convert bz2 to ZIP using IZArc

IZArc Convert Archive

6) Upload to my website using 110MB File Manager and it works.

7) Click on uncompress icon to the right of the file.

Flatpress Uploaded to 110MB site

8) Click yes if asked to confirm to the uncompress of the file.

9) Optional you can rename flatpress to web address to your blog site.

Leaving it as flatpress will give it an address of \\\flatpress. These instructions leave it as flatpress.

10) Double click on newly created flatpress folder

Flatpress Folder

11) Double click on INDEX.PHP to start the install

Flatpress Index.php

12) Click finish on the installation screen

Flatpress Installation

12) Click continue on default configuration screen.

Flatpress Installation Configuration Screen

13) On create administrator screen

  • Enter user name for administrator
  • Enter new password for user name
  • Enter user e-mail for administrator
  • Don’t change home page
  • Click create

Flatpress Installation Administration

14) Click Take me to the config panel (login first) on setup complete.

Flatpress Installation Complete

15) Login using the administrator and password you setup earlier.

Flatpress Login Screen

16) You will be transferred temporarily to this screen.

Flatpress Login Screen #2

17) Then you are transferred to your blog home page.

Flatpress Home Page

18) You now have a fully functioning blog site powered by flatpress. For additional help in using you site see

For help with plugins see

19) For additional themes visit

  • To install a them upload the zip file to /flatpress/fp-interface/themes/ and uncompress like you did in step 7.
  • Delete the zip file after you uncompress it.
  • Login to your admin panel, go to the configuration, and activate the theme.

20) site is a good example of how the sidebar can be modified



  1. For additional guides in installing and customizing FlatPress see

  2. For instructions on installing the new Vivace version of FlatPress see this post.

    For instructions on updating your FlatPress blog site to new Vivace version of FlatPress see this post.

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