Posted by: JungleGeorge | April 4, 2008

Blog Software Tested

I tested a variety of blog software on my local WAMP installation on my PC.

  1. WordPress
  2. b2Evolution
  3. CuteNews
  4. FlatNews
  5. GeekLog
  6. LifeType
  7. Nucleaus
  8. sBlog
  9. Movable Type (requires Perl)
  10. QuickBlogger
  11. Simple PHP Blog

Blog Software Requirements:

  1. Uses WAMP Components
  2. Easy Installation
  3. Support for Images and thumbnails
  4. On the main page listed blogs only show a summary. Need to click on read more or something similar to read the full article.
  5. Support Categories and Tags

WordPress – meets all my requirements. It was easy to install and has customization features. There are several free blog sites available that use word press such as


  1. Toggle between full page editor to window
  2. Simple to install

Plugins for adsense.


  1. Images automatically added as thumbnails
  2. Many plugins and widely used
  3. Nice website link configuration popup panel
  4. Change Publish date/time of articles


  1. Using Opera browser to edit blog can result in long lines that don’t stay within the margins.
  2. Lack of obvious way to write a blog
  3. Would be nice when adding links through the blog editor to default to open in new window
  4. Internet explorer 6 is having trouble with the latest wordpress release 2.5. Main page does not map properly with TAG widget enabled with very large tags. The adding images to posts missing options. Get bogus warning after saving post and trying to leave it as a draft

Sample Sites:

b2Evolution – looks similar to wordpress. Nice tool bar makes using the software easier to figure out. More option for long blogs. Images are assigned to a blog. Multiple Blogs supported.

Thumbnail supported through plugin.

Plugin is available that supports adsense


  1. Nice file management for uploaded files such as images
  2. Many different tags to support large blogs
  3. Many configuration features


  1. Could not get the thumbnail to work as expected
  2. Adding images to blog is lacking in options

Cutenews – is a very simple blog tool. Can break up large blog between short and long story. Does not use MySQL. Used Flat files instead.



  • Must login to view blog entries. Seems to lack public browse access

Flatpress – looks similar to WordPress but uses flat files instead of MySQL to store blogs. Has many of the key features of wordpress. To shorten the blog entry on the main page use the plugin command [more] to divide up the blog entry. For more plugin commands see flatpress plugin site.

To leave a comment, the person must supply a user name and answer a math question. The email and web fields are optional.


  1. Nice does not use MySQL


  1. Lack of thumbnail support
  2. No tags

Geeklog – is difficult to install. Easy enough to use but nothing about it to justify its use over other blog software.


  1. Images have size restrictions and must click on link in blog to see image

LifeType – is more of a multimedia blogging software. Has many options such as YouTube. I had trouble creating a post so I gave up on it.

Nucleus – is consider a content management system (CMS) with many blogging features. CMS applications are used to create a full feature website that may include forums, blogs, static web pages, and other features.


  1. Multiple blog sites
  2. Multiple authors
  3. Option to backup blog sites
  4. Supported for extended blog
  5. Image popup support through a text link
  6. Thumbnail support requires the installation of the plugin PopupImageGD2
  7. Images are listed by file name


  1. Saving blog command button is difficult to recognize
  2. A blog can only be assigned to one category
  3. No Tag support

SBLOG – is a nice blogging software. Supports images. Provides a more command to shorten long blogs on the main page.


  1. Simple and easy to use


  1. Lack of thumbnail support
  2. No recent update

Movable Type – This a very nice full feature blogging tool with support for multiple blogs. The redesigned interface provides a very modern look to this blog. The editor is easy to use.

Installation requires Perl plus two additional modules. Finding a free version of Perl and the modules was challenging. I end I used ActiveState free version for ActivePerl 5.10 and used CPAN to get the DBD-mysql module.


  1. Support for multiple blogs
  2. Support for different types of DBMS
  3. Categories, Tags, and Keywords are supported
  4. Backup, restore, export, import, and clone options


  • Redesign interface is well organized and easy to use.
  • Support for Tags
  • The admin and blog web addresses are different.
  • Each Blog has its own folder
  • Organize image into different directories
  • Many tools


  • requires Perl and the installation is more complex than most
  • Seems slow
  • Images are hacked off on the right if they are to big
  • Lack of option to edits comments

Additional Blogging Engines not yet tested

  • QuickBlooger – free flat file (no MySQL) blog application. Functions include writing blog entries, image gallery, links, guest comments and uses flat files. I have not tested it.
  • Simple PHP blog – free flat file (no MySQL) blog application. I have not tested it.

Additional Info



  1. After trying all these different blog software I decided to go with FlatPress with the free webhost 110MB. My blog site is

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