Posted by: JungleGeorge | April 26, 2008

Free Typing Tutorials

A skill that every blogger needs to master is typing. You use to have to take typing classes or buy some typing training software. The internet has changed that with an explosion of web based typing training tutorials available free.

Here is a short list of typing tutorials I have used in my attempt to use more than my two index fingers to type.

Free typing tutor online with free typing lessons. – My favorite. Each exercise is broken down into groups of characters that you must master before proceeding.

Typing Tutor – is a java based typing tutor game. Were you must type the letter before it reaches the bottom.

Touch Typing – You paste the text you wish to practice typing and the application makes you type the right character before proceeding to the next one. Simple to use and has an off line feature.

MRKENT.COM – has seven typing tutorials available. In addition, other types of lessons are also available.



  1. The best typing tutor i’ve ever seen is typingweb. Check it out at

  2. Thanks for sharing a nice typing tutorial. 🙂

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