Posted by: JungleGeorge | April 27, 2008

Text to Speak Software Tools

Text reading tools are great for proof reading something you wrote. I have found three such tools that are available for free

Opera free browser with a built in text to speech tool. It is used to read the text you highlight on a web page.

Natural Reader – free text to speech reader from Naturalsoft. After starting it up you can minimize it. Select the text you wish to read and press the hot key F9 to hear it read through the speakers.  The source can be a any text that you can highlight. The purchased version provides more human sounding voices.

Speakonia – free text to speech reader from CFS-Technologies is used to read text from a variety of sources. Just highlight the text and press CTRL+C. You will then hear it being read. There are 10 different voices that can be selected with some additional options to further customize their sound.

Dspeek by Domio is a free portable text to speak tool.



  1. Check out the proofreading features of TextAloud at

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