Posted by: JungleGeorge | May 22, 2008

Google Pack

Google has a collection of 100% free software that they have packaged up for installation on your PC. This package includes a variety of software that you select which ones you wish to install. After installing the software Google would inform you when they have been updated and allows you to update them through Google Updater.

List of software available as of 05/22/08

  • Google Earth
  • Norton Security Scan
  • Google Desktop
  • Firefox with Google Toolbar
  • Adobe Reader
  • Skype
  • StarOffice (includes Java™)
  • Google Toolbar for IE
  • Spyware Doctor
  • Picasa
  • Google Photos Screensaver
  • Google Talk
  • RealPlay

Besides these software, Google install its Google Updater which is used to check for updates, uninstall packages software, and install additional packages software. I noticed the downloads were slow on a fast broadband connection.

Tools I kept

  • Google Earth – its good for what it is
  • Firefox with Google Toolbar – I already had it
  • Google Desktop – I do not have it on slow PC
  • Adobe Reader – every PC needs this
  • StarOffice (includes Java™) – nice alternative to Microsoft office. (largest download)
  • Spyware Doctor – Free version on the commercial product Spyware Doctor. Runs as a service
  • Picasa – image editor. Setup takes a long time on a PC with lots of image file

Tools I do not have

  • Norton Security Scan
  • Google Desktop – remove from slow PC’s
  • Skype – Voice of the internet – I have no need for this
  • Google Photos Screensaver – I do not use such a tool
  • Google Talk- I do not use such a tool
  • RealPlay – RealPlayer is not need if you have QuickTime and MediaPlayer
  • Google Updater – I uninstall it on a slow PC because it is running all the time


Google did a fine job of packaging free toolsproducts together. This suite of tools is still missing a usable virus scanner and firewall. But it is a good start


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