Posted by: JungleGeorge | November 16, 2008

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux by Barry Kauler (wikipedia) is a small Linux distro that is designed to be started from a LiveCD and run entirely in memory. It’s low resource requirements makes it runnable on both old and new hardware.  Many applications are available for Puppy Linux making it very customizable. Fans of Puppy Linux have published their own LiveCD setups (Puplets). With its latest release 4, Puppy Linux is much easier to install on a hard drive. Puppy Linux has two official websites and


Barry Kauler’s .COM site provides instructions for running its OS from an CD, USB Drive, and hard drive.

Adding Applications (Packages)

  • Click Desktop Icon Install. Run PETget Package Manager. Select from hundreds of applications to install.
  • Many packages are announces in the forum Topic Additional Software (PUPs, n’ stuff)
  • DokuPuppy (wiki) is an active site the provides links to many additional programs fro Puppy Linux.
  • Puppy Linux CA is another download site with packages available for download.


Puppy Linux maybe a small OS but it is packed with power. Finding some packages and customizing this OS maybe be challenging. However that can be said for any Linux distro. Many users published their own derivatives also known as Puplets. So if the base install is to thin for your wants, take a look at this sites of available derivatives (forum, oldwiki).


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