Posted by: JungleGeorge | March 7, 2009

PC Games That Won’t Die

Extreme Tech’s article 5 Games that Won’t Die!, identifies five PC games (Diablo II, MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries, People’s General, StarCraft, & Fallout) that I never played. At the time of their release, I did think about buying some of them, but instead used my limited funds to buy other games.

People’s General is free, so I downloaded it with plans of playing sometime. Back when it was originally released, I was playing Panzer General II, which I purchased through an SSI 4 game combo pack. Panzer General II is another one of the games that will not die. A very active online community is developing enhancements and new campaigns.

This got me wanting to find other PC games. Using Stumbleupon, I started searching. After a couple of hits, I found a very interesting web page that lists free games for windows XP. This long list of free games is very well thought out. Many of them could be categorized as a PC Game That Won’t Die.

Looks like I will be busy downloading some more.


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