Posted by: JungleGeorge | April 10, 2009

Maximum PC added to Google Books

Maximum PC is a monthly magazine for PC enthusiast.  It contains articles on building PC’s, installing and using various operating systems, tools to improve or fix your PC, news, reviews, and even has PC game reviews. Recently, all issues have been added to Googles Book Search.

Currently, I do not  subscribe to he magazine instead I visit my local library every quarter or so and I will check out a bunch issues for reading marathon. Besides saving a little money, this lets me look at the magazine with fresh eyes taking time to notice ads and editorials which on magazine subscriptions I have a habit of skimming over.

The February 209 issue has some interesting articles and ads. The article Give Windows a Clean Start addresses the need to reinstall Windows by using a new hard drive and  using the old one for a backup. I wished I thought of this a few years ago when I had to reinstall Windows. This article covers all the basis and references some free software to help in the rebuild.

The ads in this issue were also interesting.

  • Roboform is suppose to be free application that is used to remember all your user ids and passwords.
  • APC Battery backup that automatically power downs idle peripherals. Might be money well spent.
  • PC Pitstop free performance and stability scans. I used to use this site to check my internet speed and fix my settings in my NIC card so it would perform as expected.

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