Posted by: JungleGeorge | July 15, 2009

Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is a free online multi player RPG game that takes place in the future on a distance planet. This futuristic world is a combination of old technology such as swords to futuristic flying vehicles. Game play revolves around improving your character by leveling, adding implants, gaining abilities, equipment, and nano (magic) skills.

When creating a character there are four different breeds and twelve professions are available. Your character starts out on the neutral side but you can optional choose to join either Clan or Omni-Tek. Each side has their own special benefits and regions they control. Within each side are organizations (guilds) you can join. Combat is allowed between between players and guilds within specified locations. Solo, team, and guild play are all available. Characters are developed by leveling them by gaining experience through quests, missions, hunting mobs, killing mobs in dungeons, and other means.

Free to Play, Pay for other editions
Launched in 2001, the classic edition became free in 2004 with the Notum Wars edition becoming free in 2006. The free editions have advertisement on in game bulletin boards. Thats it no other restrictions. You have all the same features that the previous paying subscribers to these editions had.

There are several editions that have subscriptions. They provide access to additional few areas and have access to another race and two additional professions. There are other benefits as well. All paying subscriber have access to the places, professions, equipment, and skills available to the free accounts.


  • Adventurer – all purpose toon with the ability to transform into an animal such as wolf, tiger, and even a dragon
  • Agent – expert in concealment and taking on the role of other professions
  • Bureaucrat – take control of mobs and create their own obedient servant
  • Doctor – best healer in the game and is wanted in any team
  • Enforcer – expert in close combat and smashing opponents
  • Engineer – expert craftsman and expert in building robots to do their fighting
  • Fixer – fastest toon and expert at avoiding attacks. Specialty is quickly getting to distance locations, grabbing the prize, and leaving before being caught.
  • Martial artist – expert at special attacks
  • Meta-Physicists – pet master and excellent buffer
  • Nano Technician – expert at using nano (magic)
  • Trader – expert at draining opponents and buffing allies.
  • Soldier – expert at arm combat


  • Solitus – humans
  • Opifex – breed for agility and cunning
  • Nano Mage – expert at controlling nano-bits
  • Atrox – bread for strength and stamina

Ways to Gain Experience and Money

  • Quests
  • Missions
  • Hunt mobs and mob bosses in the outdoors
  • Kill mobs and mob bosses in Dungeons
  • Craft Equipment


Game Guides

  • Anarchy Online home page
  • AOFroobs – very active site created for Anarchy Online free members
  • Anarchy Online wiki – this site has great starter guides and much more
  • AO links – Organized collections of Anarchy Online links for guides, tools, and more

Tools to Assist Players


  • Gridstream – Official internet radio Anarchy Online. DJ host parties and other events in the game
  • Winamp Plugin for Gridstream


  1. Anarchy Online is active and free for original game and Notum Wars Expansion. Some of the links on this post do not function and this post only provides a very short list of resources available for Anarchy Online members. So for much larger list of links and resources, see this web page

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