Posted by: JungleGeorge | July 2, 2010

Virtual PC

Microsoft’s Virtual PC is included on Windows 7 and is a free install for Windows Vista and Windows XP. This software allows for the running of other operating system within your windows desktop. The operating systems come as a virtual image stored on a VHD  file. Microsoft uses this tool to promote some of its operating system and software by providing trial VHD image files you can use with Virtual PC.

They also provide VHD image files for its different versions of Internet Explorer 6,7, and 8.  This allows you to test websites using all three releases from your desktop. They also come in versions with Windows XP and Vista operating system. To download these images, visit this page. These desktop IE images can also be used to install other software you want to try out.  The only gotcha with these VHD images are they expire. When they do, you can only run the image up to an hour before it is shutdown. You can then start it up again for another hour of use. When evaluating software, one hour is often enough time.


Virtual PC – “add or remove program has been restricted” – Tip to fix – HK current user -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows – > Current Version -> Policies. – Deleted the UNINSTALL NoAddRemovePrograms

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