Posted by: JungleGeorge | August 18, 2010

Comparing Technology

Choosing a technology often comes done to choosing between two products. There maybe multiple solutions to choose from but in the end you often end up with two. I found a wiki whose purpose is to do just that. Its name is WikiVS and it host articles that compare two similar technologies providing the pro/cons of each.

Recently I got an email providing links to upgrading from MySQL to Postgres. I have been using MySQL for websites because it is more commonly available and runs on windows. I wanted to know what may of changed with Postgres that would confince me to change. That’s what lead me to this site and its MySQL vs PostgreSQL article.  Its well balance article with lots of details did not provide me an answer but did give me more insight into both DBMS.

I started looking at other articles like Laser Mouse vs Optical Mouse which I never really thought about. I only read a few articles but I am hooked on the site.


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