Posted by: JungleGeorge | September 8, 2010

Bookmarking Web Pages

After many years of using Linkagogo, I decided to look for an alternative. I will probably keep my account for creating an online backup for my bookmarks but I will no longer be using it to actively add bookmarks. Since I started using Linkagogo, social bookmarking has really taken off. There are so many online bookmarking options now.  To get a handle of these options, I created this post which identifies that various bookmarking sites I have looked into to meet my requirements. This is by no means an exhaustive list of available options.

My Requirements

  • Access from multiple browsers
  • Access from multiple computer
  • Option to keep them private by default
  • Support 1000’s of bookmarks
  • Organize in directory format
  • Export/import option for  multiple browser formats
  • Tags are optional
  • Reliable


Has been my long-term bookmark manager for a long time but with only 2 or less bookmarks a day and them not willing to fix it. It was time to switch.

Yahoo Bookmarks

Was my first online bookmark manager. It was a pain adding bookmarks, there use to be a 1000 bookmark limit, and you had to use their tool-bar on a supported browser add them or enter them manually on there site.  With its new face-lift, many of these issue have been resolved. Now using their Bookmarklet tool, I can easily add bookmarks while using Firefox, Opera, and Chrome without their tool bar. Internet Explorer does not use the pop, instead it creates a new page.  Using the bookmarket tool has freed us from installing Yahoo’s toolbar. You can still install and use it, unfortunately with all these tabs, status bar, and bookmark bar; adding a toolbar takes up to much space for me.

Safari Dial

Provides a page of 9 quick links similar to Opera’s quick dial. Making it your home page, provides a quick dial to other browsers.


Takes quick-dials to a new level with multiple tabs of quick-dials and support for more than 9 links on a tab. You can quickly add bookmarks using its bookmarklet. Or add them manually to your tabs (which I did for a long time until I found the bookmarklet). I wouldn’t use this site for every bookmark, just the ones I want to find quickly or use often.

Likes: Website images are nice touch. Organizing them is relatively easy, once you remember to left click above the web page image. Import/export options should be helpful but I have not tested them. Useful notes option.

Dislikes: When manually adding URL’s, it pre-fills the field with  http:// which slows down pasting the URL.  Using the Bookmarklet on IE8 was problematic. I kept getting a pop-up about going to a trusted connection. I found the workaround here but had other issues.

Social Bookmarking Websites

Social  bookmarking websites was started as a way for people to share their bookmarks with friends and other members. Members can rate/review a bookmarks helping to promote useful sites.  Descriptions of the web-page can also be added. Basically these sites goal is to provide a community user review of web-pages that is searched by other members.


Stumbleupon (wiki) popular social bookmarking site that allows users to rate web pages, photo’s and videos.

Likes: Provides a tool-bar that makes it easy to bookmarks web-pages, view favorites, rate web page, and other social bookmarking stuff.  Currently, this tool-bar is only for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

FireFox Toolbar StumbleUpon Toolbar

Promote Your Site with StumbleUpon Buttons & Tools

Dislikes: Cannot change username. You can close your account and open another with your preferred name.


Digg This! (wiki) is website that allows members to share internet content, links and stories. It makes use of tags to organize bookmarks.

FireFox add-on Digg Firefox Extension.

Dislikes: Digg checks for duplicates showing you a long list of potential duplicates for you to review. Its to much of a hassle to manual to check for duplicates. They should use the web address and determine this for you.


Delicious (aka (wiki) social bookmarking site for storing, sharing, and finding web pages. Tags (no spaces) are used to group similar bookmarks together. You can import your existing bookmarks from browsers and the will be assigned a tag based on the folder that are stored in.

FireFox Toolbar Delicious Bookmarks 2.0.104. Adds a side bar, icon, and menu items.

Likes: Very easy to add sites, Good Support for different browsers. Can be used with your Yahoo account. See how popular a bookmark is.

Dislikes:  Tagging system, I prefer a directory


Technorati (wiki)  Internet searching engine for blogs. You add your blog by submitting a claim for your blog site.  Has favorites option.


As I stated earlier this was no all-encompassing. Yes I did not mention some very popular social sites such as linkedin, myspace, or facebook because I do not actively use those sites. I only signed up for FaceBook so I can access FaceBook sites. Currently, I am using Yahoo bookmarks for extensive bookmarking and Only2Clicks instead of the quick/fast dial from Opera/Firefox.  Delicious might become an alternative for Yahoo but for now its Yahoo Bookmarks.

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  1. Yahoo Bookmarks has been failing me lately. I am thinking of going back to Linkagogo. Before that I will be checking out other bookmark managers.

    One that was identified at is XMarks, it seems worth a try.

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