Posted by: JungleGeorge | November 15, 2010


DropBox offer free 2 GB of space on the internet for file backups, sharing between PC’s, file hosting and 30 day backup of deleted or updated files.  Email Registatation is required, small program installation, and a folder named MyDropBox.  To use,  just put your files in the My Dropbox folder. You can create sub-folders in it. The size of the file size must be smaller than the size of your account. So it needs to be 2 GB or less until you increase your account’s size.  There seems to be several ways to accompish this, the most common it referring people that open an account. Students get 500 MB with their EDU email account. Everyone else gets 250 MB for referral. The maximum additional free space is at least 8 GB.

To share you files between PC’s, log onto your other PC’s, connect to your Drop Box account at the DropBox site, and install the program. The process is quick and painless. It will start right away replicating files onto your new PC.  Besides Windows, DropBox supports Linux, Mac OS and Mobile Devices.

When I originally heard of DropBox I had two issues to overcome.

First being required to put everything in one folder named MyDropbox. After using if for a while I found this as benefit. You never worry about which folders are being backed up and its easy to remember. Its icon in system task makes it is easy to find on your differrent PC’s.

My second issue is the size of 2 Gb, my approach is not to worry about it. When I hit the MAX so be it. Until then I have easy access to files that duplicated. I have not hit the maximum size.

If your looking for an easy way to host or share folders/files over the internet, this tool makes it very easy to use for both you and your vistors.  Don’t worry about your private files, only the files and folders you want to share will be accessible by others over the internet. Only you have full access to your files. Do not forget the 30 day backup in case you want undo a change or bring back a file.

I continue to look for a valid alternative to DropBox but have not  not found one. All the others have file size limits or difficuties in backing/retrieving files. I am currently using mine for portable applications, docementation, and web site development.

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