Posted by: JungleGeorge | December 6, 2010

DNS Failure

Recently, I had trouble at home with PC’s trying to connect to the internet. All PC’s with wireless connections were failing except the one wire PC I have. It drove me crazy until they all started working again around 12:30 AM. The next day I checked my providers help forum and found they were having DNS issues and then I remember my wired PC uses  OpenDNS while the other PC’s use the ISP provider DNS. What a pain.

I should of known because this happened about 5 years  ago. It does not happen often but then again I don’t know for sure because I don’t monitor it.

So if this issue happens again, here is my plan.

  1. Check Comcast Outage Board – does not show DNS Outage
  2. Check Comcast Help Forum
  3. Use DNSBench to check DNS speeds for a variety of DNS
  4. DNSStuff – variety of web based tools to check DNS setups
  5. Setup OpenDNS on Router
  6. Try alternate DNS providers

Yes, my provider is Comcast but most of these options are feasable for all ISP providers except the Comcast Help forum and Outage Board.


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