Posted by: JungleGeorge | January 24, 2011

SFC Requiring Windows XP Home edition Service Pack CD

I was having trouble on my PC running Windows XP Home edition so I decided to try the SFC command. I ran it from a command window using “SFC /SCANNOW”. It prompted me for a Window XP CD so I loaded my Gateway Windows XP Home installation CD. After a bit, it asked me to “insert your Windows XP Home edition Service Pack CD now”. I do not have one. So I downloaded Microsoft’s ISO image for a Windows XP SP3 and created a CD with it. I inserted it and it did not like it.

So time for me troubleshoot using the internet. I found a post that suggested slipstreaming SP3 with my installation CD. I have done this past when creating a UBCD for Windows.


How I Finished SFC

I listed several approaches for slipstreaming SP3 onto the Window XP Home installation.  I decided to use nLite because it seemed the easiest.

Installed nLite

Copied all my Gateway CD contents to c:\XP_Source

  1. Downloaded Windows XP SP3 Download to c:\XP_SP3
  2. executed nLite
  3. specified source c:\XP_Source
  4. Select Tasks Service Pack and bootable ISO
  5. Selected SP3 in c:\XP_SP3 and clicked ok to removing older SP1 in XP_Source
  6. Says integration was successful
  7. Created the ISO image and saved in c:\XP_Home_ISO

I tested this image before burning it on a CD by starting up Virtual PC on Windows XP Professional. Then I followed the instructions from this article but used the Windows XP Home ISO instead. It worked. Next, I burned a CD with the ISO image and see if it will work with SFC.

After inserting the CD, it failed to recognize the CD as a Windows XP Home edition Service Pack CD. So back to searching the internet in which I found a post on techsupportforum that provided the solution. I needed change a setting in the registry located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup

The SourcePath was correct so I change ServicePackSourcePath to same location and it worked.



  • Use nLite to create an ISO image with Windows XP Sp3 download and my Windows XP Home edition SP1 CD from Gateway
  • Burn ISO on a CD using Nero
  • Used REGEDT32 to change entry ServicePackSourcePath to D:\ located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup
  • Put my new installation CD in the D: drive
  • Run SFC /SCANNOW from a command window

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