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Free Domain Name Providers

I started developing web sites on a free web host providers. They offered a unique web address I could use on my web site. However, when I switched web hosts, I could not use the web address at my new web host because the previous provider owned it. I might of been able to purchase it but I was switching providers for reason. When you change the web address of your web site; search engines, personal book marks, and web links from other web pages would still be pointing to the old address. There are ways to redirect your old web site to your new site name but the old site needs to exist for that to happen else your old visitors will end up on your previous providers generic pages.

To prevent this, purchasing a domain name for your web site provides you control over which web host your domain name points to. When you switch a web host you just configure your domain name for the new host.  Domain names are purchased from domain registration providers.  Most providers charge $10 to $20 a year. You will own that domain long as you continue to pay the yearly subscription.

What is a Domain Name?

Now I probably confused you. I went from web address to domain name and made it sound like they are the same thing. Well they are not. The first part of a web address is a domain name or a subdomain name.  This blog uses a subdomain name of “” and is not owned by me. The website “” is a domain name. Both “” and “” have different web pages. I believe “” is owned by the owners of  “”. So if I want to change hosts with the same website address I cannot.

Back to owning your own domain name,you can purchase it from a domain registration provider for a yearly fee. Since you own it, you need to provide some personal information such as name, phone number, address, and email. They might require additional information. To prevent this information from being available to everyone, you can purchase a privacy option where the domain registration provider screens access to your phone number, address, and email account.

This a lot to take in especially if you are new to creating websites. However, you need to know the differences between web address, domain name, and subdomain name.

Free Domain Providers

There are domain providers that offer free domain names for your site. Each have a their own terms of agreement which must be followed else they will take back control of the domain name they provided you for your website. Listed below are the free domain providers I have found. When looking at them, read their terms of agreements, FAQ sections, and visit their forums. Maybe send them an email to get for clarification of their terms. Know what you are getting into. Starting up a new site and loosing a domain name because of some violation would be disappointing. If you want Adsense ads on your site try to confirm they will not be blocked by Google before you sign up. Google has a few domains which it blocks Adsense such as 110MB.COM

Currently I have not used any of them so I have no recommendation.

CO.CC (Content Policy, FAQ) – Provides free domains for personnal use.  I see this provider mentioned a lot by those suggesting free domain providers such as  eHow.  Here is a guide for setting it up. To ask questions on the site you must register.
Site name=

CO.NR free domain (terms of service, directory of CO.NR sites ,forum) – requires link on your home page. Provides free domains for both personal and company. NR is the country code for Republic of Nauru.
Site name=

Listed Features

  • Free URL Forwarding, also known as Free URL Redirection
  • Intelligent Free Path Forwarding and Advanced Free META TAGS support
  • Free URL Cloaking also known as Free URL Masking
  • No banners or popup ads, actually, NO ANY ADS at all
  • Ability to use your free domain name with and without WWW, and more

DOT TK (About, FAQ, Wiki,Privacy Policy) – Available since 2001. Requires 25 unique visitors to your site over 90 days. TK is the country code for the Tokelau, a country in the South Pacific with a population of 1500.

Site name=

DynDNS (support ,privacy policy)- Provides .com names but are padded with dyndns. Available since 1998.

Some site name examples. They have 18 available suffixes


Published Capabilities and Features

  • Get two hostnames in 18 available domains for free.
  • Forward web requests or mark host offline for maintenance or downtime.
  • Configure MX records for flexible mail routing.
  • Update host using ddns update clients for a wide variety of platforms.
  • Modify DNS TTL values for fast propagation or reliable static IP caching.
  • Deliver your DNS records to 5 DNS servers in 5 tier-1 datacenters around the globe.
  • Query volume up to 648,000 queries/month

UNI.CC (about, Terms of  Service, Privacy statement) – Free domains for commercial and personal sites. Online since 1999, accepting new subscriptions since 2009.

Site name=

Afraid.Org (Faq) – Free with lots of features listed (Faq)  – Only for developed sites, which is means 100 daily visitors a day and a few other things.  Requires link on your main page. Offering free domains since 2003.

Microsft Office Live provides one free domain name.


The information provided on this web site comes without any warranty whatsoever and is for personnel use only. Use it at your own risk.


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