Posted by: JungleGeorge | April 8, 2013

Crusader Kings II


Crusader Kings II has turned into a surprised treat. It is a challenge to learn because of its depth and many ways to start the game. There are 5 levels of authority with the top 4 playable at the start. Each have their own method of surviving and expanding your realm or not. I loose track of time each time I start playing this game which is the best complement you can give to any game.

Learning the game is an ongoing process. I often watch play through videos or read tutorials to learn of the mechanics.  The game as a PDF manual and tutorial which hangs. In my first game I started in Spain which was mistake, I quickly went from having half of Spain to nothing. For learning the game Scotland is often recommended, but I think any country with a few enemies at the start would be a good choice.


Wehn looking for the Crusader Kings II, I found is available Steam, Amazon, Gamefly and GameSpot

The best deal I found was at steam.

Crusader Kings II Collection Steam $12.50 on sale
Crusader Kings II
Dynasty Shields
Mongol Faces
Ruler Designer
Songs of Albion
Songs of Faith
Songs of the Holy Land

Tip: Each time I start the game which I get from steam it was to install C++.  I found this problem reported by others and followed this suggested solution to fix it.





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